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Lowell Road Asset Management is a registered investment advisory firm founded in 2012 and based in Manhasset NY.  We manage money for families and individual investors.  Lowell Road works with our clients on financial planning, asset allocation and investment management. 

Lowell Road was named after the street that Todd and his wife bought their first home.  The name LR symbolizes investing for what matters to our clients.  Whether that means saving for retirement, a home, education, philanthropy or a great life experience.   Whatever those goals are we understand the importance of working with our clients to protect and grow our client’s assets over time.

Lowell Road manages both discretionary and non-discretionary accounts with a minimum of $250,000. Lowell Road is a fee based only advisor.  This puts us on the same side of the fence of our clients, so if our clients are successful, we are successful.  As an independent RIA we do not offer any proprietary products only investments that we feel can meet our clients their long-term goals.

TD Amreritrade is the custodian for all LRAM accounts   TD was founded in 1975 and custodians over $1.3 trillion in assets and has over 10,000 employees. 

Todd Greenberg, CFP, is the founder and principal of Lowell Road Asset Management.  Prior to founding LR in 2012 Todd was the principal of a branch of Raymond James Financial for over ten years.  Todd began his career in 1996 with Oppenheimer in private wealth management group.  Todd spends his time working with with clients on financial planning, developing properly diversified portfolios and managing clients accounts.  He believes the three keys to successful investing include studying history, proper diversification and paying attention to valuation.  Todd graduated from University of Arizona with a BS in Regional Development and then went on to earn his Certified Financial Planner designation.    

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Michelle S. Lee


Michelle S. Lee is an analyst at Lowell Road Asset Management (LRAM).

Prior to joining LRAM, Michelle was a Research Analyst at JP Morgan’s Strategy & Development Group focused mainly on providing analytical research on global competitors including market share within product segments, earnings & mergers & acquisition transactions. She also spent time with New York Life in a similar role.  Michelle’s current role at LRAM is primarily financial research with client portfolios and industry trend analyses.  She has BA in Accounting from CUNY Queens College.

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